5 reasons to use Incense sticks in everyday life

December 31, 20200

Incense has been around for a long time, and is deemed as an integral part of spiritual and religious rituals across different religions. Incense comes packaged as cone or powder, but the most popular are incense sticks. Around the world these fragrant sticks are believed to create an aura of good fortune and deliver prosperity and bliss. Japan, America, India, Tibet, to name a few countries and cultures, who nurture their own philosophies and reasons for smoldering the incense sticks. Here we bring for you 5 reasons why these fragrant sticks should be a part of your everyday life.

  1. Relax and unwind: nothing works better to relax your mind then curling up on a sofa with your favorite beverage in hand and an incense stick redolent in the room. A few fragrances work wonders to reduce anxiety and stress, besides soothing the brain from over stimulation. Soft fragrances elevate your “me times” and space you away from hassles of everyday life.
  2. Spirituality: for thousands of years several religions of the world like Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity have regarded lighting incense sticks as a doorway to spirituality and purity. Most of the auspicious rituals are commenced with burning incense. Thus beginning your day with lightening incense sticks is believed to bring luck and blessings.
  3. Meditation: meditation requires deep focus and oblivion from one’s surroundings, and incense fragrances not only heightens senses but also elevates ones spirit to an aura full of positivity. Lightening an incense stick is best to clear your mind, develop a positive attitude and begin your meditation and yoga with a fresh and focused mind.
  4. Blissful sleep: every day stress, fast life style and constant stimulation has made insomnia a common problem. People often struggle to fall asleep despite of a hectic day of work. Incense sticks have long been known for introducing drowsiness and therapeutic calmness. Since ancient times burning incense sticks have been considered the best treatment to induce sleep and control insomnia and stress. If you also wish to sleep naturally and blissfully, simply light a few incense sticks in your bedroom and feel the calm in the soft fragrance.
  5. Eliminate depression and Anxiety: according to a few researches a few incenses fragrances stimulates the less treaded ionic pathway within the brain, which helps in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and depression. Since ages incense sticks have been smoldered as a theraputic and healing ritual to keep off the negative emotions, depressive thoughts, and anxieties bothering the mind.

Whether you indulge in yoga and meditation, or simply seek peaceful sleep, and calm mood, burning incense sticks ensures respite from anxiety and delivers positive vibrations and a feeling of peace and serenity.

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